Workplace design has evolved
So have our Demountable Partition Systems

Line Systems is a young player in the office partitions market. Although young in age, Line Systems has a strategic team at its core with several years of experience in operations and management, at some of the biggest national and international Office Partitions´ companies in the industry. 
Line Systems was born in 2012, after gathering a team that, altogether, gathered a set of important experiences in office partitions projects worldwide. Since then our vision has been to become a Global Office Partitions Brand, with an active role in shaping the Future Workplace, recognized for its products´ design and innovation and for its global reach.
Entrepreneurship and internationalization have always been at the top of Line Systems´ mindset, ever since our foundation. Nowadays, over 90% of our sales comes from our international activity. Being that we are present in Belgium, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Israel, Luxembourg and France
Line Systems aiming at enhancing its Office Partitions Systems´ production quality and lead times, has been changing its strategy, and since 2015 our focus has been in turning Line Systems into a sole Manufacturer of Office Partition Systems, beeing that for the moment we stoped doing installation of our products.
As a way of guaranteeing a solid distributor network and the quality in the installation of our products, several national and international partnerships have been developed in this sense. For now we have already established a network of agents in North America, Japan, Russia, Israel and Belgium.
Axion Construct specializes in the construction of Interior Spaces in Belgium for several years now. In the past years it has been gaining terrain to some of the biggest Office Partitions Manufacturers in Belgium with Line Systems products.
Bravura is the italian word for "Briliant", and brilliant is indeed the set of brands in the interior movable partitioning world that Bravura represents, such as Dorma, Skyfold and Modernfold. With over 40 years of experience in the North American market, Bravura intends to be the Go-To company for partitioning projects in North America. From 2019 onward Line Systems products will be exclusively distributed by Bravura across Canada and the United States of America
Remon is a reference in the Russian Design and Build Market with several years of experience in high-profile projects. Over the years it has been specializing in offering its clients solutions for Acoustic Panels, Raised Access Floors and Metal Ceilings. With Line Systems they are going to strenghten its portfolio including Office Partition Systems.
Palace is a Japanese company that focuses on offering their clients Fit Out Strategies that will enhance workplace performance. Palace is our sole dealer for the whole Japanese Market and their goal with our Partitions Systems is to tackle the High-End Japanese Office Partitions segment.