PROJECT: LABS Hawley Wharf. LABS is one of the biggest Coworking Space providers in London. It´s aim is to inspire and enable people to work, live and play in a unique collaborative ecosystem.

With a peerless canal side position, right on the world-famous Camden Market, LABS Hawley Wharf will offer over 6000 m² of Coworking Space.

LABS´ Architects required a frameless single glazed partition with high technical scores in terms of adjustability, as dimensions were very irregular across the entire building. Line Systems´ Glass Slim U was the perfect solution as it allows for installation tolerances over 30mm, wothout the need of any deflection tracks, which made it possible for the full project to be done with only 3 glass sizes, having thus reduced the complexity and lead times substantially.

As for doors, since doors at each LABS Building are used by hundreds of people everyday, Line Systems offered a 40mm Opaque Door in MDF with an extra matte black finishing, fingerprint and scratch resistant

LOCATION: London,United Kingdom

FIT OUT: Thirdway Contracts

Glass Slim - 950 m²
Opaque Doors - 70 Un
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